Introduction to Brighton & Hove Community Housing

From 2010 to 2018 the government slashed social housing construction by 96%. Instead of creating 40,000 new homes, just 1400 houses were created.

Social Housing construction graph

While rents rose and wages are lower than a decade ago.

The city council's regular housing report*

The regular housing report states that just 33 homes of the 1265 advertised were within local housing allowances (a mere 2.6%.)

*March 2019

Why a CIC

As a community Interest Company, BHC Housing will hold homes permanently.

Being independent of government, we are not affected by the forced losses of right to buy.

BHCh will crowdfund investment in exchange for a big social impact.

Tenants will be offered a home for life with rent linked to income.

Members will be awarded housing based on


We will purchase local properties and make them livable and sustainable with measures including*

*(Where appropriate)

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